Copper oxide

Copper Oxide is mainly used in PCB field, especially in Vertical Plating, Standard Plating and Pulses Plating.
WESTERN/PCC Copper Oxide is very small particle size and could dissolve very fast in the   tank to meet the requirement of high copper content and low acid in the HDI production process.
By using the international standard copper cathodes as the raw material, the quality of WE-STERN/PCC Cooper Oxide will be much more stable for the quality compared to limited quantity of recycled raw material. We’ve also obtained the QC80000 certification in 2011 which shows  our strict control of impurities and hazardous substances.

Chemical Specification

ITEM SPEC Typical value
(CuO)Purity 99.3%min 99.4%
Ni 10 ppm max <3
Fe 30 ppm max <10
Zn 30 ppm max <10
Pb 5 ppm max <3
Cl 15 ppm max <5
Insolubie in Acid 0.003%max 0.001%
Dissolving Speed(Sec) 30Sec max 9 Sec