Main Business

The system of acid etching waste liquid recycling and Copper Recovery.

The system of Alkaline Etching Waste Liquid recycling and Copper Recovery.

The copper recovery system of micro etching solution and browning solution.

A.We product and sell in various forms of the equipments of acid etching waste liquid recycling and copper recovery which is installed in circuit board factorys.

B.We contract and maintain the operation of copper recovery equipments which were installed in the circuit board factorys , inculding additive, production and supply of the anode materials, but we also charge operating fees.

C.We buy back and sell(Various forms include the exchange of copper balls with the parent company name as CHEON) the waste liquid with copper which is from the recycling equipments. 

D.R & D and upgrading of metal recovery equipment: researching in other metal fields, upgrading of etching liquid equipments, the best treatment of other metal containing waste liquid in circuit board,producting and R & D of waste water recycling treatment additives.