||  Leading technology level - is the guarantee for the production of high quality products.

We focus on the advanced nature of our production technology and management level from start to finish. We have set up a research and development team to hire professional and technical engineers to carry out continuous technical research and development and transformation of production equipment. In addition, the establishment of the production, research and research base in conjunction with Guangdong University of Technology provides a reliable technical backing for the company's product development.

From the beginning of the founding, the company introduced the patented technology and horizontal continuous casting equipment provided by WESTERN RESERVE MFG.CO., and the self-developed oxygen-free continuous casting technology has always represented the advanced production technology level of the same industry in the same period. Nowadays, our specially developed “micro-grain products” representing the world's leading technologies have matured. Phosphorus copper produced by this technology has finer crystals, more uniform distribution of phosphorus, faster and better black film formation, lower loss of copper balls during use, and can effectively improve the quality required for electroplating of printed circuit boards. And reduce the cost of comprehensive use of customers. The product has gradually been recognized and practically applied by more and more new and old customers, helping many customers to achieve comprehensive cost savings. In addition, the quality of the product complies with the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM C12220 standard.


||  Perfect quality assurance system- We have passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system.

The ISO spirit is instilled in every aspect of our production and management. In 2007, we passed the ISO14000 environmental management system and the QC080000 hazardous substance management system, laying a solid foundation for our quality assurance. In order to achieve the purpose of product quality control and quality assurance, our company uses the direct reading spectrometer imported from Germany to carry out strict quality inspection on raw materials and products. The laboratory technicians must strictly inspect the raw materials purchased by the company every time, and the quality can be qualified. Enter the warehouse. In the production process, the laboratory technicians sample and inspect each batch of semi-finished and finished products, and check them every hour to ensure that the quality of the products meets the requirements of users. Before the product is released, the laboratory technician checks the factory products again to ensure that the quality is qualified before leaving the factory.